8 Ball Ultra Pool
Rack 'em up for a classic game of pool!
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Gold: 10,000 pts 100 Tickets
Silver: 5,000 pts 100 Tickets
Bronze: 2,000 pts 100 Tickets
8 Ball Ultra Pool
Rack 'em up for a classic game of pool!
Developed by: Game Factory
The game is played in two modes: High Score and Practice vs AI.

In High score mode, you can play rack after rack of pool trying to earn the most points possible. Each ball sunk is work 100 points. Each run of consecutively hit balls increases your score multiplier (up to a maximum of x4). Sinking a ball in the first rack gives you a 4 second boost to your total time. Each rack afterwords shaves off a second from your bonus – for example you get 3 bonus seconds in rack 2, 2 bonus seconds in rack 3 and so on. Scratching the cue ball will incur a 30 second penalty.

Practice vs AI allows you to pit your skills against the computer. You will be assigned stripes or solids after the break, and play continues until the 8 ball is pocked (legally or illegally.)

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