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Rack up 121 points in this classic game of cards and pegs.
Developed by: Game Factory
The goal of Cribbage is to be the first to score 121 points. The Cribbage board is used to show the score accumulated by each player during the play of a game (front peg) and the amount of the latest incremental score (difference between front and rear pegs).

After the dealer distributes six cards to each player, each player discards two cards to form the crib, which belongs to the dealer. Then the non-dealer must cut the remainder of the deck to determine the starter card which is used in counting the value of each player's hand and the crib.

Play of the cards:
  • Players alternately play (place face up on the table) one card at a time, starting with the non-dealer. The cumulative value of the cards played is announced as each card is played.
  • When a player cannot play a card without the cumulative total exceeding 31, that player calls "go" and the opponent continues to play all cards possible (not exceeding a 31-count). The player who calls "go" plays first in the following 31-count sequence.
  • Scoring (or “pegging”) occurs both during a round and after a round when all possible scoring combinations of a player’s hand are calculated.

When both players have played all their cards, the non-dealer’s hand is counted and pegged. The dealer then does the same for the dealer's hand and then for the crib.

The deal alternates between the players until the game ends, which occurs when a player scores 121 points

Detailed Instructions

Gold: 31,000 pts
Silver: 21,000 pts
Bronze: 11,000 pts
Submit any score Rewards 100 Tickets
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