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Take it to the hoop and show the world why you're an All-Star.
Developed by: Skyworks Technologies, Inc.
  • Click anywhere on the screen to activate the Power meter.
  • Click again to lock your power.
  • It is best to click when the power meter is full.
  • Now watch the player's feet.A red circle will appear at his feet, turn yellow, and then quickly turn green before fading back to red.
  • Click again to start your jump when the circle is green. This will give you the best possible hang time and will begin your jump.
  • Click a final time to slam the ball home. Timing is key on the final stage of the dunk.
    Use the circle underneath your player as a guide for how close you are to the basket.

Detailed Instructions

Gold: 700 pts
Silver: 500 pts
Bronze: 300 pts
Submit any score Rewards 100 Tickets
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Minimum Requirements Shockwave Download