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Golf - Desert
It's time to play golf in the desert. Can you shoot under par?
Developed by: Skyworks Technologies, Inc.
Aim your shot with the mouse and click anywhere on the screen to start your swing. As the shot indicator moves up the wheel, click a second time to select your shot power.
  • Pay attention to how close you are to the pin -- 100% power is not always the best option!
  • If you wait too long to click, your shot will be forced to half-power. The shot indicator will now reverse directions. Click a third time to determine the accuracy of the shot.
  • A perfectly straight shot is achieved by clicking when the indicator is at the bottom center of the wheel.
  • An early click will result in a hooked shot and a late click will cause the ball to slice.

Detailed Instructions

Gold: 90 pts
Silver: 88 pts
Bronze: 84 pts
Submit any score Rewards 100 Tickets
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Minimum Requirements Shockwave Download