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Penalty Kick
Do you have what it takes to win the Penalty Kick challenge?
Developed by: Skyworks Technologies, Inc.

  • Click the heads or tails coin to start the coin toss.
  • The coin toss determines if you start the game as kicker or goalie.
  • Click on the field to start play.
  • Click again to stop the meter at the desired ball power level.
  • Click a third time to stop the meter at the desired ball spin.
  • Move the mouse to adjust the goalie's position.
  • You can dive left or right by clicking to the left or right of the goalie.
  • When kicking, try to hit the red bullseye for bonus points.
  • To submit your score to the scoreboard, press the Quit/Submit button in the game.

  • Detailed Instructions

    Gold: 750 pts
    Silver: 500 pts
    Bronze: 200 pts
    Submit any score Rewards 100 Tickets
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    Minimum Requirements Shockwave Download