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Trident Layers Factory
Build delicious gum in this unique shooting and stacking puzzle.
Developed by: Game Factory
Move your magnet with and
Grab and release layers of gum with and

The magnet can hold up to 7 layers of a single flavor at one time.
If you shoot multiple layers of a single flavor, they'll condense into a single piece!

Stack at least three layers in the correct order to form one complete piece of Trident Layers gum.

Once you make seven pieces of a flavor of gum, you'll earn a fruit flavor jackpot spin!

You can earn laser shots from the jackpot spin. Use the laser with to clear difficult situations.

Detailed Instructions

Gold: 100,000 pts
Silver: 50,000 pts
Bronze: 25,000 pts
Submit any score Rewards 100 Tickets
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Minimum Requirements Flash 9 Download